Natural Calamities



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Natural Calamities
The recent natural calamities occured in different parts of the world especially in Iran is alarming. The real reason is people’s greed for everything .People are exploiting the nature in many ways and creating pollution everywhere and whatever we ge and cosume is polluted.

In the vast cosmos, man is like a speck. Essentially, there is no conflict between man and creation. Just as a child is entitled to enjoy milk from its mother and the bee is entitled to enjoy honey from flowers, there can be no objection to man enjoying the resources of Nature.

But, as a result of uncontrollable desires and reckless exploi-tation of natural resources, Nature is exhibiting frightening disorders. Natural calamities like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, droughts and floods are the result of disturbances in the balance of Nature caused by reckless exploitation of natural resources.

Mankind today appears like a foolish man who is wielding an axe at the branch of the tree on which he is sitting.

Happy New Year and Spiritual Development to avoid Natural Calamities and save our planet for future generations. Let it become planet of Gods.

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